Project: Jobs Across China

This project was extraordinarily fun. I used my dear friend's b-roll to highlight some special parts of our lives as expats. Chengdu is a wild city in the midst of growth, expansion, construction and destruction, interesting international charcters mixed in amongst local peoples scatterd throughout the city and surrounding countrysides that stretch for miles deep into the Himalayas. This video was originally intended to be used as marketing material for an international recruitment project I was working on with an outstanding local team I have the pleasure of being aquainted with.

All edits and effects were completed on either Adobe Premier or Illustrator.

Project: Jobs Across China | Part 2

Alongside the marketing video, we needed a few other things to lauch this idea. We needed a brand name supported by a .com domain, and a logo. We decided on Jobs Across China and the domain was well within budget: Gorgeous. With that accomplished, it was time to make our first logo markups. Many cups of coffee and a few dozens pandas later, I presented the first logo mockups.

Mockup 3

By this point we had really changed directions.

And wa-la, we had our marketing package.